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October 12th, 2017

Whilst many of us turn to facials, make-up and fancy creams to improve our appearance or increase our attractiveness, new research has suggested that we might be overlooking one important factor. Who would have thought that we all already possess the key tool we need to appear more healthy and attractive? That’s right, rather than spending our hard-earned cash on products and treatments, simply smiling can improve our appearance no end.

The Daily Mail have recently reported on research carried out by psychologists at Swansea University. The researchers presented a series of images of faces, and asked their volunteers to judge not only the level of happiness in the face shown, but also how healthy they perceived the faces/people to be. The research found that those images in which the faces had genuine smiles were judged to be healthier, and even ‘glowing’, by the participants. These factors were also deemed to reveal the level of attractiveness the faces were perceived to represent.

The research went further to explore the effect of a genuine smile as compared with certain health and beauty treatments, or other factors. It was found that a positive facial expression sent out as strong a message about a person’s health as did being the correct weight and having a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). Wearing make-up appeared to have little impact on how the faces were judged, unless the photo represented a person smiling. It was found that images in which the person’s face was resting in a frown or in a neutral expression were perceived less attractive and less healthy.

So next time you’re thinking about whether that new cream is for you, or whether a different shade of lipstick is the answer, ensure you check your facial expression first. Simply smiling, and lightening your facial expression could make all the difference, and has been found to be much more powerful than other commonly trialled methods – and it’s free!

If you are concerned or worried about your smile, please contact us today. We have a range of options that may be able to help with discoloured or misaligned teeth. We can also help with missing teeth. Support from our team of dentists will no doubt help you to feel more confident in your smile, and ready to ditch those beauty fads.

For more information about the research, please visit the Daily Mail website:

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