Dental Sedation in Abingdon, Oxford

Some people are so afraid of visiting the dentist that they do without essential treatment and live with severe pain and poor oral health. It’s a problem that affects individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

At Ock Street Clinic, we’re committed to offering clients the best possible care and dental services. So to help frightened or nervous patients, we now offer sedation. By opting for sedation, people can reduce their anxiety during dental treatment. If someone you know is too frightened to visit the dentist, why not give them our details?

If you hate going to the dentist or if the sights, smells and sounds of a dental surgery upset you, sedation could be the solution you need. Sedation can be used during simple and complex dental work – and also allows several procedures to be completed in one appointment. This safe and proven approach has helped many patients minimise their nervousness and anxiety when receiving dental treatment. To find out more, simply contact us to arrange an initial meeting with our sedation team. They’ll be happy to talk things through and answer any questions you may have.

Types of Sedation

We always try to help every patient firstly without using sedation. Our dentists all have extensive experience in helping all patients prepare for treatment calmly and confidently by ensuring everyone has time and opportunity to ask questions and seek any reassurance they need. However where our standard approach does not work or is unsuitable and sedation is considered, there are two main methods by which sedation can be achieved in dentistry:

Intravenous(IV) Sedation

A sedative is introduced usually into the back of the hand, which induces a feeling of deep relaxation and a lack of concern about what’s happening. The second affect is to produce temporary memory loss for the time that the sedative is active, preventing later recall of the events during sedation. Most patients report they have no memory of dental procedures with IV sedation, however IV sedation does not produce ‘sleep’, you will still be able to respond to questions throughout the procedure. Intravenous sedation is not suitable for children.

Inhalation Sedation (“RA” or “Relative Analgesia”)

We do not offer inhalation sedation currently at Ock Street, however we may be able to refer you to a practice that does for specific procedures.

The active ingredient is known as “laughing gas” which is introduced into the nose mixed with oxygen. It produces a sensation of lightness and warm feelings, and also acts as a potent pain killer. Currently Ock Street Clinic only offers Intravenous Sedation and not Inhalation Sedation.

Our team will describe your choices and help you decide whether dental sedation is suitable for you and which method is the most appropriate to your needs.

We do not offer General Anaesthesia at Ock Street Clinic, if this is required we can help by referring you to a suitable specialist hospital department.

Further information about sedation in dentistry can be found at which is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to educating people about the pro’s and con’s of dental sedation.

“Sedation has given me the confidence to go back to the Dentist”

” I had a traumatic experience with a dentist many years ago. Even just thinking about the dentist makes me feel unwell. I read somewhere that you could have fillings done under sedation. I was really doubtful at first but I felt better after I had my consultation at Ock Street Clinic. Everything was explained to me clearly in a very caring and professional manner. Having dentistry under sedation just made everything easier. I can hardly remember having any treatment done and there was certainly no pain. Sedation has given me the confidence to go back to the dentist” Fiona Brown

Our Sedation Team

If you require sedation to help you have the dental treatment you need, we invite a doctor qualified in sedation to our clinic to provide your sedation whilst our dentist completes your dental treatment.

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