Types of Braces

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At Ock Street Clinic we can offer a choice of the latest methods from the leading manufacturers to minimise treatment times and achieve the best treatment outcome.

Fixed Appliances

These braces are worn full-time for the duration of the treatment. There are several types:

Conventional Braces

Braces, often referred to as ‘train tracks’ are the most common appliance used in orthodontics. Fixed braces are used to close gaps between teeth and treat crowding, malaligned teeth and cross-bites, and often over and under bites. They can be attached to the front of the teeth (labial braces), or bonded to the back of the teeth (lingual braces).

Damon Braces

Damon’s labial braces are self-ligating, which means that the brace does not require elastic or metal ties attached to the brackets. Damon’s braces utilise low friction mechanics, which means faster treatment and greater comfort.

3M Clarity Ceramic Braces

The Clarity 3M range of ceramic braces are as strong and as effective as their metal counterparts. Ensuring a translucent, barely visible appearance, their comfortable design means they are a popular choice for patients

Incognito Invisible Braces

We work with Incognito to provide fully customised lingual invisible braces, incorporating gold brackets made to individual specifications. This ‘perfect fit’ ensures the ultimate in comfort and durability. But most importantly the braces are nearly undetectable when in use, quite simply no-one needs to know that you are wearing braces.

Removable Appliances

As their name suggests, these are not worn all of the time. Types of removable appliances include Aligner systems like Invisalign and the Inman Aligner.

Aligners are similar in the way they work to braces, but without the metal brackets and wires. They are not detectable to the naked eye, and are easily removed when eating or cleaning the teeth. We offer the Invisalign treatment, which consists of a series of individually manufactured aligners supplied in sequence to the individual’s exact specifications.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner has been available in Ock Street Clinic Abingdon since 2011 and is a sprung aligner used to straighten the front teeth only.


Removable retainers are used to prevent problematic teeth reverting back to their original position, and thus undoing the hard work of orthodontic care. They are also utilised to counteract thumb sucking and to correct deep bites.

Fixed and removable space maintainers are used with children who have lost a tooth and need the space to be maintained until the ‘adult’ tooth emerges, or where the creation of space is required in a crowded mouth.

Functional Appliances

Used in a growing patient, these braces allow us to use your natural growth to correct common problems such as protrusive teeth and jaw retrusion.

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