Mole and Blemish Removal in Abingdon, Oxford

Many people have minor marks on our face or body and often these are regarded as beauty spots. However many people have blemishes they dislike and wish to have them removed. Most patients want moles or skin tags removed because they feel that they are unattractive or because they protrude and cause irritation during activities such as shaving. At Ock Street Clinic our cosmetic expert can quickly and safely remove these blemishes from the head or neck leaving a barely discernible or even invisible scar.

How do I know if my moles are dangerous?

Our expert will always assess a mole to advise on whether it is an indication of something serious. After removal we recommend suspicious mole tissue is sent for laboratory analysis.

What does the surgery entail?

The procedure is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic, which means that the affected skin area will be completely numb but you stay awake. In some cases a local anaesthetic and/or sedation is not needed. This will depend on the type of treatment you are having and the size, location and number of moles that need removing. The exact technique used for removing the mole depends on factors such as what condition it is, its size and location. The two techniques we usually use are the ‘ellipse technique’ and ‘shave excision’, and your surgeon will recommend which option is best for you to minimise the visibilty of any scar.

Can you get a mole removed on the NHS?

The NHS may remove moles as a treatment for a health condition, such as skin cancer. However, if a GP or dermatologist believes mole removal to be cosmetic, they may suggest the removal be performed privately by expert surgeons such as those at Ock Street Clinic.

How can I find out more about mole removal?

Call us to speak to a treatment adviser or request a call back and we will get in touch as soon as we can.

Alternatively you can send us an online query or ask one of our experts a question and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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