Fresh Breath in Abingdon, Oxford

If you feel that your breath is less than fresh it can affect your everyday life and confidence. If you are worried about the way your breath smells then please do not be embarrassed to tell our dentists and hygienists. Once we are aware of your concerns we can work with you to ensure that your confidence is restored.

Bad breath or halitosis almost always begins with poor oral hygiene, leading to a build up of bacteria in the mouth which in turn give off smelly gases. If bad breath is making you feel self-conscious Ock Street Clinic can help with hygiene education and home care advice to help give you that fresh breath feeling.

Persistent problems with bad breath may be due to gum disease, which means that even if you brush daily the malodour persists. If when you brush your teeth you notice any redness, swelling or bleeding around the gums then it is likely you have some form of gum health problem.

Here are our tips to help ensure fresh breath:

  • Clean your teeth twice a day using techniques shown to you by a hygienist, using a good quality toothbrush
  • Floss each day to ensure that you remove any remnants of food from between your teeth
  • Ensure that you visit your hygienist regularly for in-depth cleaning and advice on how to keep your breath fresh
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