Teeth Straightening – Why Choose Us in Abingdon, Oxford

We are able to provide a full range of treatment options including both traditional orthodontics and alternative methods:

  • Access to the latest treatment methods
  • Treatment with our expert Dentist with Practice Limited to Orthodontics or experienced cosmetic dentists as needed
  • Avoid waiting lists
  • Access to methods and treatments not available on the NHS scheme
  • Interceptive orthodontics is available for your child
  • We will ensure you keep your great new smile for good by making sure you have the correct retainers and wear schedule
  • Excellent facilities and environment
  • Great customer service
  • More time for appointments so you can be more comfortable
  • Invisible braces options available
  • Superb treatment results
  • Your care plan prepared by our treatment coordinator giving you all the information you need to choose the right treatment for you.
  • Aftercare is planned in advance to make sure your teeth keep their improvements
  • Payment options available to make your treatment affordable

Why go private?

At Ock Street our orthodontic service is totally private. That means you can be assured that there are no waiting lists and no restrictions in the treatment we can offer you, no limits on the methods and materials available to suit you. Some treatment systems offer speed, some allow you to wear invisible braces nobody else can see, but most importantly it is for you to decide! Our facilities are comfortable, welcoming and clean. Our whole team is dedicated to your care and giving you a great experience.

Because we offer only private orthodontics and teeth straightening we can spend time with you to help you understand your treatment needs, the choices open to you and how to keep your teeth in great condition both whilst you are in treatment and afterwards. We know our treatment results are excellent and we can provide you with all the aftercare you need to keep your new smile as perfect as the day we completed your treatment.

Straightening your teeth often requires a substantial financial investment and we work with you to find the best method of payment to suit you. We can help arrange 0% finance, offer you a smoothed sequence of payments by automatic transfer or pay a lump sum at the staart of treatment. Ask to speak to our treatment coordinator to find out more.

If you qualify for NHS treatment:

Orthodontic treatment is restricted by the NHS according the severity of your orthodontic condition. We can measure your personal orthodontic score against the NHS Index of Treatment Needs (IOTN) and if you reach the required level we will tell you and, if you wish, we will refer you to an appropriate service to suit your requirements.

Book your initial consultation with Dr. Juliette Armand today and let us create that smile you’ve always wanted.

Orthodontic Treatment Fees

Initial Consultation: (not including x rays)
Child £30
Adult £30
Panoral X Ray £42
Upper or lower removable appliance from £600-£1000
Functional appliance from £1,000
Conventional fixed appliance – one arch £2,100 – £3,200
Conventional fixed appliances – both arches £2,800 – £3,800
Invisalign £4,800
Incognito Lingual fixed appliance (invisible braces inside the teeth) £2,800-£6,800
Removable Retainer(s) £85
Fixed Retainer (each) £135
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