Ock Street Clinic provides family-friendly dental services and is delighted to welcome children and their families as patients.

We strive to ensure that all of our younger patients are looked after in a way that prepares them for an adult life with a positive attitude towards dental health.

We work with children and their parents to provide dental care which will form the foundations for a lifetime of healthy teeth, gums and mouths. Each individual child’s treatment is co-ordinated with helpful advice on important aspects of oral health, such as diet, and education in effective teeth cleaning. By working with you we aim to prevent avoidable damage to children’s teeth such as tooth decay and dental erosion.

Whilst our children’s services centre on preventive care we also offer a comprehensive range of advanced and restorative services where appropriate. These treatments include fillings, fissure sealants and orthodontic work.

We understand that some children may be nervous of visiting the dentist and we suggest that a good way to ensure that your child feels comfortable with later visits to the dentist is to ensure that they are familiar with the practice. We welcome children accompanying you to your routine checkups, even before they have teeth! A quick informal look in your child’s mouth will help to encourage good co-operation with the dentist and build confidence.

Once your child is old enough to have their own dental appointments we will try to ensure that their visit is a positive experience. We will use simple words and compliment your child on good behaviour, such as regular and thorough teeth cleaning, and help them to overcome any anxieties that they may have.

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