Crowns in Abingdon Oxford

Crowns are used to protect and strengthen broken down teeth, replace sections of teeth lost and to improve the appearance of teeth.

They require much more significant tooth preparation than veneers but are often used in combination with veneers. Like our cosmetic veneers, our cosmetic crowns are produced by artists in their field and we will often be colour matched by the technician to ensure the best match to the surrounding teeth. If you been unfortunate to lose any of your natural teeth, crowns can be combined into multi-unit bridges to replace missing teeth.

We can offer a wide selection of options when it comes to crowns,Lava™ crowns, Zirconium™ crowns and Procera™.

Our crown treatment is carried out with the highest level of precision with consideration given to the dental occlusion giving you the self-confidence to show off your new smile.

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