Dental Hygienists in Abingdon, Oxford

The team of Dental Hygienists at Ock Street Clinic in Abingdon is of central importance in both the prevention and treatment of gum disease. Your hygienist will help you in several ways:

Firstly they will work with your dentist to identify any areas of your gums and teeth that either have problems or are at risk in the future. Many of us work hard at home to keep our teeth as clean as possible, but often we unconciously develop habits that cause us to miss small areas when we clean our teeth. Our Hygienists will show you where you should increase your focus and provide you with the tools (brushes, flosses, pastes) and techniques to keep your teeth and gums clean.

Secondly your hygienist will carefully remove plaque and hard tartar deposits from your teeth and gums including from the spaces, or pockets, between the teeth and gums that you can’t reach yourself. This is an essential process because removing the build up of deposits helps the healing process begin.

Thirdly your hygienist will polish your teeth to make them feel squeeky clean. Most patients enjoy that clean feeling their teeth have after seeing our hygienists, but remember your oral health improvements come mainly from you keeping your own teeth clean at home and our hygienists removing the tartar and plaque you can’t reach yourself.

Seeing your Hygienist regularly is a great way to prevent future dental problems and ultimately save pain, inconvenience and expense by avoiding preventable disease.

Why a Hygienist at Ock Street Clinic, Oxford?

Our team of hygienists are experts in their field and they are passionate about their profession. Access to our Dental Hygienists is based on your personal needs, not any kind of rationing, so we are able to offer you exactly the treatment you need, when you need it. For some people that can be as little as once per year, for others with highly active periodontal disease that might be once per week for a few weeks until we have the problem under control. Your Dentist and Hygienist will be happy to explain your options.

Ock Street Clinic has excellent modern technology to help your Hygienist get results for you: In addition to all the standard equipment usually used by Hygienists, we can offer you Jet polish for better stain removal, in depth six points per tooth measurements of your gum health, and a range of communication aids to help us explain your needs and choices. Our hygienists also work closely with Richard Snoad, Specialist in Periodontics, to ensure all our patients have access to internationally recognised best practice in the dental industry.

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