Abingdon Dentist Technology

When you visit Ock Street Clinic you will be welcomed in pleasant, clean and comfortable surroundings designed to give you the confidence that we operate to the highest standards. All our waiting areas and treatment rooms are air conditioned and are equipped to the highest standards to allow is to provide you with the bets in 21st Century healthcare.

We currently have six fully equipped treatment rooms and, because we have ground floor surgeries, we are able to accommodate wheel chair users. Please let us know if you have any specific accessibility requirements at the time of your booking.

We use proven, advanced equipment and technology as a vital tool in our consultations and treatment. Below are just some of the apparatus that we use:

Sterilisation Equipment

Healthcare professionals use a variety of highly specialised tools and wherever possible we use ‘Single Use’ items that are immediately disposed of, removing any possibility of cross-contamination. Some tools must be re-used and to ensure that all of the instruments are impeccably clean and hygienically sterile we have invested in a state-of-the-art sterilisation facility containing automated washing systems, specialised vacuum autoclaves and handpiece sterilisation units. Our procedures and facilities go far beyond the standards required by our regulatory bodies, to give you the confidence that you are safe in our hands.

Intra-Oral Digital Imaging And Multi Media Displays

Our surgeries are equipped with small cameras mounted on dental probes to take close-up pictures of our patient’s teeth and gums and our ceiling-mounted multi-media systems allow patients to view all of their images and records from the comfort and convenience of the dental chair, as well as watching their favourite DVD’s during treatment. We may also take digital photographs of your face, smile and teeth before treatment so you can see exactly what our treatment plan proposes, and after treatment so you can see exatly what we have done for you.

Computer Technology

At Ock Street Clinic we maintain all our records in secure computer systems so we can retrieve your records immediately and respond to your needs straight away and we have recently added new ipad devices to our service which we are using to further enhance communication with our clients.

Digital X Rays

This type of x ray offers benefits way beyond the invisible eye or traditional radiographs. A small sensor is placed on the inside of the cheek which then sends signals to a computer to produce detailed, crisp electronic images of your teeth bones and gums. X Ray images are used to detect, and diagnose any problems long before they become visible to the naked eye, and the digital x ray images stored in your records will never degrade over time in the way traditional film radiographs did. With our modern digital x ray systems we have reduced the strength of the xrays used and improved the quality of the end result compared to the old wet film systems.

Bacterial Testing

Traditionally Dentists and Hygienists would treat periodontal disease without full information about which bacteria are responsible for causing an individual’s gum disease. Now we can offer patients dental bacterial testing, and use the results to prescribe the optimum antibiotic therapy to combat the problem.

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