Recontouring in Abingdon, Oxford

Tooth recontouring is a quick, painless and inexpensive procedure to alter the appearance of small irregularities of the teeth, capable of dramatically enhancing your smile.

Small defects, worn edges, a minor fracture, chips or shallow pits and grooves in the tooth enamel are minor issues that could not only affect the health of your teeth but will also detract from your smile. However, they can be easily aesthetically fixed using a variety of simple procedures to recontour or reshape the teeth. Enamel can also be added to teeth which are too short or have been worn away to lengthen the teeth for a more attractive smile.

How does the procedure work?

Initially the dentist will assess your teeth to ensure that you can benefit from contouring and reshaping. During the process, which normally takes place during one or two appointments, the dentist will carefully reform the tooth into a more attractive shape. Delicate and artistic application of composite materials to the tips of teeth can complete your new smile. The process takes relatively little time and is painless.

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