Training – Dentists Abgindon

At Ock Street Clinic we can only provide great patient care by making sure our team is supremely qualified and trained for their various job roles. This begins at the point when we recruit colleagues using a stringent evaluation process and is supported by a process of continuous professional development.

All of our practitioners are registered and regulated by either the General Dental Council or the General Medical Council as appropriate and required under UK law.

Several of our clinicians have chosen to specialise in very specific areas of dental or medical care and have achieved qualifications beyond the minimum requirements for their discipline. We are delighted to have these Specialists as colleagues as they are able to bring their advanced knowledge and treatment advice to the clinic for the benefit of our patients.

Ock Street Clinic’s support team of managers, nurses and receptionists is our great strength. All our nurses are qualified and experienced and with our receptionists and managers participate in a structured program of technical and customer service training.

Aside from ensuring that all of our team members are expertly qualified to look after your health we are constantly acquiring new knowledge, skills and technology to maintain our position at the forefront of the profession.

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