Tear Trough Filler in Abingdon, Oxford

A classic complaint for many is that of dark circles under the eyes. This is phenomenally difficult to correct surgically. One of the most effective techniques is to use filler to plump up the tear trough. The results are immediate and last from 6 to 9 months.

Tear trough filler is an advanced treatment with dermal fillers and there have been variable results in the past. The secret is to use a thick but not too thick filler, and to make absolutely sure that all the filler is injected deep to the orbicularis muscle, which can be slightly unnerving for the patient, therefore we recommend only the most skilled practitioners perform tear trough filler procedures. Jonathan Norris doesn’t provide this service at Ock Street Clinic but we may be able to help you find an practitioner who still offers this service.

The skin is very thin in this area so bruising is more common and more visible, but will wear off over a few days and can always be hidden with foundation.

As ever with the hyalan fillers – if you do not like the result the filler can be reversed with hyaluronidase

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