The Facts on PRGF

September 8th, 2014

In the previous post (see here), we discussed the benefits offered by dental implants to the patient and briefly touched upon the PRGF (Plasma Rich Growth Factor) technique that helps the healing process following procedures such as dental implantation and tooth extraction. However we didn’t discuss what PRGF is or the multitude of health benefits it offers the patient.

What is PRGF?

PRGF stands for Plasma Rich Growth Factor. It is a healing technique using a Plasma membrane created by centrifuging the patient’s own blood plasma. This membrane, enriched with the patient’s own growth factor hormone, is then placed over the implant site to stimulate and speed up the healing process as well as help to repair the tissue surrounding the bone. It is a safe and efficient procedure that helps the body to repair itself by using its own natural resources. This triggers new tissue growth around the wound allowing it to heal quicker.

This technology originated from a Spanish firm called BTI. Here, at Ock Street, we also use BTI implants as they offer a high quality both physically and visually for patients. Our Implant Dentist, Andy Hall, was the first to dentist to routinely use PRGF in the UK and this technique is now available to all of our implant patients as we have a centrifuge on site to carry out the PRGF supported healing treatment.

PRGF technology was used in the Tennis world a few years ago in the reconstruction of tennis superstar Raphael Nadal’s knee!

What are the benefits of PRGF?

  • PRGF is a safe technique. The procedure uses the patient’s own blood to encourage a natural healing process which then eliminates the risk of infection, rejection and reduces complications in the patient’s recovery after surgery.
  • Because this technique uses the patient’s own blood and eliminates any disease or infection risk, it also helps to remove the chance of pain and any side effects for the patient.
  • The PRGF technique accelerates the healing process in the wound, significantly speeding up the recovery process.
  • As well as stimulating recovery, it also encourages the regeneration of the bone in the implant site helping to restore face shape after bone and tooth loss as well as possible premature ageing.
  • Although this technique carries a lot of benefits, it isn’t a complicated procedure nor is it painful.

Some patients are anxious before dental procedures partly due to fear of pain, infection, complications and the possibility of slow recovery, the PRGF healing technique offers the patient a quick and effective solution to all of these. Not only does it result in a rapid recovery and eliminate complications, it does so by taking advantage of the body’s own healing process and natural resources.

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