Teeth Whitening is best at the dentist

January 31st, 2012

Teeth whitening has been promoted by a variety of different outlets over recent years and not always in the best interests of the public. Nobody should start a course of teeth whitening without first consulting a dental care professional – a dentist or hygienist with additional training in teeth whitening.

The number of unqualified individuals selling tooth whitening has grown rapidly in recent years and the General Dental Council has instituted a number of prosecutions to stop the practise. In Kent a plasterer was recently found offering teeth whitening treatment with 38% Hydrogen Peroxide, a system that should only be used by a dentist in a properly equipped dental surgery. Other beauty parlours offer teeth whitening using chlorine dioxide solution which is highly acidic, can increase tooth staining and result in permanent tooth damage.

All clients considering teeth bleaching should first have a full oral examination to enable underlying health issues like gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth root disease to be detected and treated first, as well as identify existing fillings and crowns that will not be whitened at all. Can beauty salons and plasterers offer this full service?

Fortunately in Abingdon and Oxford,

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