April 12th, 2016

Sunday 20th March was World Oral Health Day. To mark the occasion the British Dental Health Foundation wanted to make sure that everyone understands the huge power of a simple smile – and how we can all ensure ours is functioning on full cylinders.

Here are a few of their top smile facts:

  • Smiles are catching: if we smile at someone else, the chances are that they will respond by smiling back at us. This can help to improve our mood (and theirs) because if those around us are smiling and appear happy, we tend to feel happier too.
  • It only takes 17 muscles to smile, compared to 43 to frown. Therefore it’s much less effort to smile!
  • Flashing those pearly whites can help our personal relationships. In a survey more than 50% of respondents identified that the first thing they notice about others is their smile. Smiles were also described as one of the most attractive attributes people can have.
  • When looking for employment, interviewers are likely to find candidates more appealing if they arrive with a smile on their face. Smiling can make us seem friendly and approachable, and helps people to trust us.
  • From a cultural perspective, smiling is a universal physical action. It means the same across cultures and we all understand what it indicates, and how others are feeling. This is different from other physical actions such as how we use our hands, stance or body language. Charles Darwin investigated this.

So it’s time to get your grin going! To look after your smile, you should brush your teeth twice a day: once just before bed at night, and on at least one other occasion during the day. Use a fluoride toothpaste. You’ll also need to keep an eye on your consumption of sugary foods and drinks, it’s always worth trying to cut this down a little. Finally make sure you visit your dentist regularly: they will let you know how often you should be heading in. Following these simple tips should help to keep your smile in good condition. Visit us here at Ock Street for support and advice about keeping your smile shining.

World Oral Health Day falls on 20th March every year. It is celebrated across the world, and is a good opportunity to revisit your oral hygiene routine and make sure you’re on track. For more information about the day, and activities taking place, visit: .

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