New Rules Affect Botox Clinics

July 16th, 2012

New rules are to be introduced on July 23rd that will change the way many cosmetic skin clinics operate their botox services. Botulinum toxin is used to reduce skin wrinkles and can be administered by doctors, dentists and nurses with the appropriate training.

Many botox clinics employ cosmetic nurses to run their botox services where the botulinum toxin is prescribed by a doctor who is not present on site and never meets the patient. This arrangement will be banned from next week, only doctors, dentists and nurses with a prescribing qualification will be allowed to prescribe botox.

Fortunately Ock Street Clinic will be unaffected by these new rules, our skin rejuvenation service is led by Consultant Surgeon Ric Caesar and he is eminently qualified to prescribe botulinum toxin where required by patients, find out more about Ric’s qualifications.

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