Jordan has had problems with her teeth

October 31st, 2011

According to Heat magazine (22nd October 2011) Jordan had a smile makeover in the USA in 2007. She had a number of veneers fitted but since then has had to have them re-done because they caused her pain and even after the second set of veneers some have become loose.

There are several reasons why veneers might cause problems, but one springs to mind reading this story – if the dental occlusion was not properly controlled when the new teeth were fitted, the force of the jaws when they close together out of alignment is enough to cause painful teeth and to chip or dislodge veneers. We don’t know if Jordan suffered this problem, but it serves as a reminder that whilst veneers are a great way to rapidly improve the appearance of your teeth, you should choose a cosmetic dental clinic you can trust and a cosmetic dentist capable of providing tooth veneers who also has an interest in dental occlusion. And before starting cosmetic tooth veneer treatment always make sure you have considered the alternatives to veneers – composite build-ups, tooth re-contouring and orthodontics. All these technologies are available at Ock Street Clinic in Abingdon near Oxford.

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