Inman Aligner success story

January 10th, 2017

In previous news articles, we have considered the range of orthodontic options that may be available to you, should you be looking to improve the straightness and alignment of your teeth. Today we are pleased to draw your attention to a success story, which recently appeared in the Daily Mail. This story demonstrates the potential benefits of the Inman Aligner brace. We are happy to be able to offer this treatment at Ock Street, and warmly invite you to contact us and arrange a consultation, should you wish to see what the Inman Aligner may be able to do for you.

The Daily Mail reported on James Draper who, at 36, was dissatisfied with the appearance of his teeth. Having enduring 18 months of inconvenience and discomfort in his youth, James was disappointed when the improvements to his teeth brought about by conventional ‘train track’ fixed braces started to disappear, as his teeth began to relapse to their former positions.

James set out to explore the options that were available to him, and see which could restore his smile to it’s former glory. Having considered some of the possibilities, James tried the Inman Aligner. He was drawn to this particular method of teeth straightening partially because of the speed of results. The brace works much more quickly than some of the alternatives.

As well as working quickly, the Inman Aligner has several other advantages:

  • It is removable: it can be taken out during eating, and at key times such as work meetings, or social events. Your dentist will guide you regarding the minimum number of hours it needs to be worn each day in order to be effective.
  • Because it can be taken out, it can be removed for brushing: it’s easier to keep your teeth clean and avoid any build-up of plaque in hard to reach areas.
  • Results are permanent: a retainer is attached at the end of treatment, which means that no further relapses should be expected.
  • It’s much less intrusive than veneers, which involve significant changes being made to teeth shape.
  • The Inman Aligner is much cheaper than some of the alternatives on the market.

Inman Aligner braces are created using moulds from your teeth. Your teeth will then need to be carefully prepared by your dentist, so that they have room to move and realign. Once this is complete, and your brace is ready, treatment begins, and you will be on your way to straighter and more symmetrical teeth.

The Daily Mail report that James was very pleased with his Inman Aligner brace. Not only was the brace barely visible (only noticeable to friends when he pointed it out), but it worked quickly and effectively, leaving him with a permanently restored smile.

If 2017 is the year that you want to improve you smile, and you’re interested in seeing what orthodontics can do for you, give us a call today and we’ll book you in for a consultation. We will examine your teeth and talk through the range of options that might be available to you, in order to find the treatment plan that suits you best.

For the full article from the Daily Mail, and to hear more about James’ success story, visit their website.

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