Gum Disease Caused a Brain Infection

January 8th, 2012

A recent news article from Holland caught our attention this week. It describes how uncontrolled gum disease eventually led a 42 year old man to contract a brain abscess. He was initially treated for a brain tumour, but when there was no improvement a biopsy revealed an abscess caused by the bacteria Aggregatibacter actinomycetancomitans.

This bacteria was traced to its origin in the patient’s gums, and this is not an isolated case: there have been 12 brain abscesses arising from gum disease recorded since 1967. Although this is an extreme and rare condition, it shows the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene and making sure you see your dentist and hygienist regularly.

Aggregatibacter actinomycetancomitans is one of the bacteria that the dentists and hygienists at Ock Street Clinic, Abingdon, Oxfordshire can detect using dental bacteria testing, see our article to find out more.

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