Gifts they’ll love this Christmas

December 15th, 2015

We’re now in the full swing of the festive period and if you’re anything like me, you’ll still have some last minute presents you need to buy. We’ve all got that friend or relative who is really tricky to find something for, and who we struggle to come up with a novel idea for their each year. This year we thought we’d help you out a little and are pleased to bring you a few gift ideas that are bound to bring a smile to their face.

1. Go electric

Last year, a relative bought me an electric toothbrush. I must admit, I felt a little underwhelmed when I tore off the wrapping paper, but this was short lived. When I first used the brush I realised what a difference it made compared to using a conventional toothbrush. My teeth felt squeaky clean and I could tell straight away that I’d gotten into all those hard to reach areas. What I particular liked was that the brush had a timer on it, and made a little noise when I’d been brushing for two minutes. There are a variety of electric tooth brushes on the market, and lots for children too.

2. Brighten their smile

At Ock Street we are pleased to offer gift vouchers for purchase. You can either choose a denomination, or buy a voucher for a particular treatment, or course of treatments. If you’ve got to buy for someone who you know would love whiter and brighter teeth, why not buy them a voucher for teeth whitening treatment?

3. For when the tooth fairy comes calling

A gift for the little ones. Online retailers such as ‘Not on the High Street’ sell a range of tooth fairy cushions. Children place their milk teeth in the little pouch on the cushion when they fall out, and leave them by their bed overnight. Whilst they are sleeping, the tooth fairy comes and exchanges the tooth for a coin (denomination dependant on how flush the tooth fairy is feeling!). These cushions make an exciting gift for children who are just about to start losing their teeth.

4. It takes two

When it comes to brushing our teeth, two is the magic number. We should aim to brush our teeth twice a day, and for two minutes each time. If, like me, you struggle to quantify what two minutes is like in real time, why not consider using a timer? There are a wide range of timers available in shops and online, ranging from multi-purpose timers that can be used for other purposes, to timers that are intended specifically for brushing teeth. There are a huge number of adult and child friendly timers on the market.

5. Sweet enough

We’ve all got a friend or family member with a sweet tooth. Why not do them a favour this Christmas and search out some sweet treats for them – but check the labels and find them some lower sugar alternatives to their favourite snacks. Have a look in supermarkets and compare their regular choices with versions that have less sugar in them. You might be able to introduce them to some new tasty treats, and help them maintain their smile at the same time, by warding off tooth decay.

With the shopping days before Christmas gradually dwindling, it’s time to get sorted. We hope our ideas with give you something to think about for some of your harder to buy for giftees.

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