Can your dentist see?

August 3rd, 2012

Recently we were asked by supply company, Evident to participate in a survey about how dentists make sure they can see properly when they examine teeth and perform dental treatments. The results were quite interesting…

87% of dentists questioned in the survey believe that dentists should not carry out clinical work without loupes (these are head mounted magnifiers to give improved vision of the mouth and teeth). The most common reason given by dentists for purchasing loupes, which can often cost between £1000 and £2000, was ‘to improve my dentistry’ (89%). This is important information for patients, because if your dentist wears surgical loupes they are probably demonstrating that they have the ambition to provide you with their best work, and they want to see properly so they can do that for you.

When we recruit dentists at Ock Street Clinic, one of our first questions is whether a dentist owns and uses loupes and if they don’t they are not invited for interview. So we know that when you come to Ock Street your dentist can see!

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