An Interesting Testimonial

August 30th, 2013

We received a very interesting thank you this week from a patient who had seen several dentists, both NHS and Private, and had struggled to find an affordable and practical solution to her dental problems.

In short this person had a misaligned central front tooth, but several dentists had proposed quite extensive orthodontic and implant treatments affecting the full mouth. However Dr Kanas recognised that this patient had significant gum disease and until this was treated the more extensive options should not be considered, and on top of this the patient did not want to embark on extensive treatment. At Ock Street Clinic we believe in treating underlying disease first, above all always listen to the patient and address their priorities. Here is what the patient RM said:

“After a long and worrying period during which I had tried to get treatment to correct an upper front tooth which was misaligned, with both NHS dentists and dentists from the private sector, I finally decided to visit Ock Street Clinic.

After one visit to Dr Kanas my self confidence was totally restored by her ability to prove what could be done with my tooth, without having to go down the route of elaborate and complex diagnostics.

I cannot speak too highly of the treatment I received.”

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