Where you can get good botox treatment

October 8th, 2011

When considering Botox for the first time, it can become daunting as you talk amongst your friends and family about the treatment. With this in mind, it can be difficult to separate the truth from the hearsay about Botox. As experts in providing Here at Ock Street Clinic, we pride ourselves on giving direct, straight-forward and honest answers to any questions you may have about Botox. Furthermore, if you decide that the procedure is not for you after the initial consultation, we will never put any pressure on you to change your mind.

Most commonly referred to by one of its product name ‘Botox’, the cosmetic form of botulinum toxin is an increasingly popular alternative to surgery. Botox works by temporarily blocking the nerve impulses, therefore paralysing the muscles that cause wrinkles. Botox gives skin a smoother appearance and is mainly used on frown lines, forehead creases and crows feet around the eye.

Botox reaches its maximum effect after 2 weeks and lasts for up to 4 months although this can vary. Eventually you will notice your wrinkles gradually reappear, a sign that the ‘Botox’ is wearing off and it may be time for another injection if you wish to maintain the results.

It is always advised that your injection be administered by a surgeon, dentist, doctor or trained aesthetic nurse, with the relevant training to make educated alterations to the amount of Botox, based on your individual needs. The procedure is usually painless, and apart from some possible bruising, invisible.

Our resident surgeon Ric Caesar initially qualified in 1992 and is on the General Medical Council Specialist Register, so you are safe in the knowledge that your procedure will be carried out by a thoroughly professional and experienced individual.

For expert advice from industry experts with regards to all aspects of Botox London, call us on the contact number provided on the website or fill out our simple online form. You can trust Ock Street Clinic to deliver professional advice and excellent results.

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