Special Offer: Home Tooth Whitening

October 12th, 2015

The nights are drawing in, and kids have returned to school and X-Factor is back on the TV. It can only mean one thing: Autumn is on it’s way. But whilst Summer may have packed it’s bags, your teeth don’t have to go into hibernation. In fact, now is the perfect time to boost your sparkle with Ock Street’s special offer on home tooth whitening. Give us a call today to book your consultation and take your first steps towards a whiter smile.

For a limited time only, we are pleased to be able to offer you a fantastic discount on our ‘Whiten at Home’ service. You could save £50 and pay just £325 for our whitening procedure. This is a huge reduction on a brilliant service which will leave you beaming from ear to ear, just in time for the festive season.

Our teeth naturally darken as we get older, usually because the enamel wears thinner. This combined with fizzy drinks, tooth grinding & brushing means that the yellower dentine then starts to show. Added to this, things like the foods and drinks we choose (unfortunately drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine are leading culprits here as they stain our teeth!), certain antibiotics from childhood, and smoking all play a part in darkening our teeth. We vary from one another as well, so just as you might have a different hair colour to your best friend, you may find that your teeth (or theirs!) darken more quickly. However, thanks to tooth whitening services, there is something you can do about this, and it is possible to bring your teeth back closer to their original natural colour.

Ock Street’s offer is for our home whitening service: a service which we think you’ll love. When you choose this service, you will initially meet with one of our dentists who will thoroughly examine your teeth to make sure this is the right service for you. They will make impressions of your teeth in order to create your bespoke whitening tray. Once this is ready, you’ll pop back in to the surgery and collect your tray. We’ll show you how to apply the whitening gel, and how to use your kit. We’ll give you a clear and easy to follow schedule for use: initially this schedule will be for two to five weeks, which generally gives most people the results they want. We’ll then have a review appointment with you to assess the shade of your teeth. The final colour is controlled entirely by the patient with guidance and advice from our dentists. It is possible to get back to a similar shade to your youth or even whiter than they were born to be!

After your review appointment, you may choose to further top up your shade for the ‘Hollywood white’ smile, although this isn’t for everyone. If you do need more gel (either because you want a very white look or if you started with very dark teeth) you can buy extra gel for £28 each syringe and a syringe normally lasts a week. Our syringes are about 3 times bigger than most in the market and can only be supplied legally under a dentists supervision which means our receptionists will need to get approval from our dentists before they can supply repeat doses over the counter. At Ock Street, we have an efficient system and we should normally be able to do this whilst you wait. Sounds straightforward? It is. And at the current reduced price, there is nothing to hold you back.

When considering whitening you teeth, it is a good idea to do your homework. There are legal restrictions for tooth whitening which is a dental (not cosmetic) procedure, and there are products available on the market that are illegal and not safe to use. A recent BBC investigation revealed that over-the-counter whitening products simply do not work. Only dentists and suitably trained hygienists, therapists and dental nurses, working to a dentist’s prescription, are legally able to carry out whitening procedures, despite there being many beauty salons offering the service. The General Dental Council began actively prosecuting unregistered illegal sellers of tooth whitening last year (e.g. beauticians, hairdressers and Internet supply websites). It is important that only legally trained people carry out tooth whitening as some teeth should not be whitened. If you already have crowns, veneers or white fillings these wouldn’t change colour with a whitening procedure. Some particularly dark teeth need individual whitening techniques and only a dentist can prescribe and provide this more tailored treatment e.g. internal tooth whitening. There are also lots of products available on the market for you to carry out tooth whitening at home. Whilst these options are often much cheaper than face to face treatment, some kits contain chemicals that are harmful to your teeth and gums, or so little bleaching agent that there is no effect.

By choosing Ock Street you can rest assured that you are in safe and experienced hands, we have provided thousands of people with tooth whitening.  Your home whitening will be managed by a qualified dentist using safe and effective products. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to book your consultation and save £50 en-route to restoring your smile.

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