Nick Barnes

Nick Barnes

Business Manager

BSc. (Optom) BSc. (Phys) MCOptom CQC Registered Manager

Nick was born in 1966 in Yorkshire and graduated in Physics at the University of Birmingham in 1988, before working in international oil exploration with Shell and later the manufacturing consultancy arm of Warwick University.  After a period in Sales Management, Nick joined the healthcare industry, qualifying in Optometry from Aston University in 1996 and since then working as a clinical Optometrist in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

Dr Kanas, Nick’s partner, became Principal Dentist at Ock Street Dental Practice in December 2002 and Nick’s initial involvement in the practice was as a project manager, helping modernise the practice facilities with new technology and computers.  As the practice has evolved so has Nick’s role, and as the CQC Registered Manager at Ock Street Clinic he is now responsible for all aspects of the operations of the practice, human resources, health and safety and compliance with national standards.

It is Nick’s responsibility to respond to customer feedback and whether you offer a compliment, suggest an improvement that we can make, or make a complaint, Nick will be involved.  You might also meet Nick when planning a complex treatment where smoothed payments might be beneficial to you.

In his spare time Nick is a keen sportsman and competitive triathlete and when relaxing you will find him trying to play blues guitar, and if you are lucky he will have the sound turned down!

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