Have you ever thought about dental implants?

September 25th, 2017

Are you fed-up with your imperfect smile? Wondering what to do about that missing tooth? Tired of your ill-fitting dentures, but not wanting the gap in your teeth either? If so, we may have just the solution for you. Here at Ock Street we have an expert dental implant team who are on hand ready to discuss with you what your options might be, and help you take the first steps back towards your perfect smile.

So, what are dental implants?

Implants can be the perfect option for those are missing a tooth, or teeth. In short, they are a type of false tooth (as are dentures, crowns or bridges), secured firmly by tiny titanium rods. These rods are inserted through your jawbone, and so are very sturdy.

Appealing to many as an ideal solution to their concerns about their smile, implants have may attractions. In comparison to normal dentures, they look far more natural. It can be very difficult to tell an implant apart from a normal tooth. Because of the titanium rods being attached to the bone, they are very secure: you don’t need to worry about movement, and by following advice from your dentist, you should be able to eat a broad range of foods. Implants can be used to replace single teeth, without affecting the surrounding area. Lastly, provided they are looked after carefully (and in line with your dentist’s instructions), implants should last for a number of years.

If all this sounds good, you’ll no doubt be wanting to know how this all happens. If you think implants might be for you, the first step is to have a consultation with one of our implant team. They will examine your teeth to make an assessment of whether implants are suitable for you, and to endeavour what type of treatment might work best. Once you have agreed the plan with your dentist, further appointments will be arranged for the treatment to take place. In these appointments, the titanium rod(s) will be inserted into your jawbone. Although this might sound a little painful, it is carried out under local anaesthetic and is quite a gentle surgical procedure. Most patients who can manage a normal tooth extraction are absolutely fine with this step. Following this stage of your treatment, a period of 10-12 weeks is needed for the bone to grow around the implant and fuse itself to the titanium rod. Once this has successfully taken place, the actual implant can be attached to the rod base, your implant will be in place, and you can start enjoying your restored smile.

At Ock Street, we’ve very proud of the number of patients we’ve supported through dental implants. We love seeing people delighted with their transformed smiles, and benefiting from the many positives brought by implants. If you’d like to find out more about how we might be able to help you fall back in love with your smile, don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 01235 533777 and book in for an implant consultation. We’d be very happy to meet with you and consider your options. Further details about dental implants can also be found on our website.

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